Let your adventure begin with an Aerostat Adventures hot air balloon ride in Orlando Florida. Imagine gently floating over the tropical landscape of Central Florida while soaking in the warm morning sunshine and enjoying the spectacular view. You can see sites such as Disney World, Epcot Center, MGM and many other attractions, beautiful scenery and wildlife.

To add to your ballooning adventure, you are invited to become part of the crew and get a hands on experience. You can do this by booking your hot air balloon ride today!

Your ballooning adventure will take approximately 3 – 3.5 hours. Once we meet at a predetermined site, we will then proceed to our launch site. Once at the launch site, your adventure begins as we inflate our multicolored balloon. After the balloon is inflated and all systems are go, you will then start your flight in the hands of Mother Nature. After your flight, which is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours, and the packing up of the balloon, we will have a traditional Champagne Brunch (which includes champagne, orange juice, chips, fruits, cheese & crackers, pastries and many other goodies.) to toast your adventure. Not only do you leave with a wonderful hot air ballooning experience as our customer, but you also leave as a friend. You will meet and enjoy the company of many other people during your adventure. When we fly, there are usually several other balloonists who will fly with us, so you can be flying with 1 to 12 or more other balloons – a site that is absolutely breathtaking!

At Aerostat Adventures we use state-of-art equipment that is certified and annually inspected by an FAA repair station. All of our pilots are FAA commercially licensed. And our pilots and crew chiefs attend annual FAA sponsored safety seminars.

After your ballooning adventure, be sure to check out the other great attractions in the area such as Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, Sea World, or even visit the nearby Daytona Beach area. And dont forget all of Floridas great sports teams – such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Florida Marlins, or the Orlando Magic.